The top 5 players* in the market for Privacy Screen Protectors are as below:

  • PxIn
  • FuTech
  • TechnoEye
  • 3M

  • Sight Pro
  • Of all the players listed above, PxIn stands out in terms of product, features, quality, customer support and total value for money.

A PxIn Privacy Screen Protector is mainly designed for the protection of data from prying eyes. A PxIn privacy screen filter/protector is a polarized plastic filter that when used on a computer screen makes viewing impossible from any angles apart from a 60 Degrees view angle in front. Its main functionality is to protect data from wandering eyes and safeguard confidential information. Apart from the main advantage of privacy, the PxIn filters also add in a host of other features which help the user even when using prolonged screen time.

PxIn Privacy Screen protectors are a great way to keep the display free of scratches and safeguard against accidental bumps or drops. They keep your screen free of dust and scratches over prolonged usage and hence the screen remains as good as new for long. It provides a clear visibility and also minimizes pixilation. The PxIn filters also help in avoiding color distortion. There are also other added advantages depending on the brand you choose from the available options in the market. Each brand boasts of its unique features over the above.

Over a variety of options available in Amazon; PxIn stands out not only in terms of product features and also customer satisfaction. The seller has over a 520+ 5 star ratings which compel you to choose them for total value for money and guarantied product satisfaction. The ratings range from product performance to the impact it has caused in the betterment of their eye strain and consistent headaches is noteworthy. Customer reach and also their unique product support ensures a best in class product along with a one stop solution for all your data privacy needs

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