43 Inches Anti-Glare | Anti-Blue Light TV Screen Guard

Brand PxIn
Compatible Devices Television
Material P-E-T
Item Thickness 4mm
Product Dimensions 37.08″L x 20.82″W
Special Feature Unbreakable, Anti Glare, Scratch Resistant
Finish Type Matte
Unit Count 1.0 Count
Screen Size 43 Inches
Screen Surface Description Matte


PxIn 43 Inches anti-glare and anti-blue light TV Screen Protector gives you protection from blue-light rays which are emitted from TV. 43 Inches TV Screen Protector can’t be broken even when you throw a ball at it.

  • 43 INCH SCREEN PROTECTOR SIZE: 43 Inches (W37.08in*H20.82in), please compare with the size chart before purchase. And measure the width and height of the TV internal screen, excluding the TV bezel, the size of the protective film needs to match the TV screen.
  • ANTI-BLUE LIGHT FEATURE: Filter out 380nm ~495nm harmful blue light, block harmful UV rays and prevent myopia.
  • ANTI-GLARE FEATURE: Anti-glare matte coating is being using in addition to reduce some screen glare and reflections.
  • 5-LAYER PET: Anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint, protect your screen from scratches and smudges.
  • Filter out Blue Light (380nm-490nm wavelength) and relieve eye strain to help you sleep better.
  • Easy to apply and remove. Guarantee Bubble Free Installation.
  • Ultra Clear Screen Protector. Anti Scratch coating that protect your TV from Child and Pets.

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