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Privacy Screen Info

Why do we need Privacy Screen Protectors ?

A Privacy Screen Protector is mainly designed for data protection from prying eyes. It ensures the visual access of a laptop screen data is available only to the user who is seated in front of it. This is a prime feature as many organizations insist on data protection and confidentiality of their information in this digital world where work is continued to be accessed and delivered on the go. Every organization has the best of laws for data protection however...
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Anti Blue Screen

What is Blue Light and How Does It Affect Our Eyes?

What is Blue Light The world is beating with electromagnetic energy. It goes around us, and, surprisingly, through us, in waves. The waves differ long, with the longest being: Radio waves Microwaves Infrared waves Ultraviolet (UV) waves Most electromagnetic waves are microscopic. However, a little band of waves, known as visible light, can be distinguished by the natural eye. Apparent light waves differ from 380 nanometers (violet light) to 700 nanometers (red light). Frequency of Blue Light The more extended...
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Digital Eyestrain

What is digital eye strain?

Digital Eye Strain is a group of eye and vision issues. The issues can incorporate eyes that tingle and tear, and are dry and red. Your eyes might feel drained or awkward. You will most likely be unable to concentrate regularly. These issues are brought about by bunches of PC or computerized gadget use. Utilizing tablets and cell phones may likewise create these issues. These issues have been expanding in recurrence throughout recent many years. Many individuals have a few...
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