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This ALCS advanced light control screen is very light grey tint designed for red eyes and dry eyes protection throughout the day, every day. Working hours in a day causes eye strain which leads to dry eye syndrome which is an unspoken epidemic.

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The Dry Eyes Syndrome – An Unspoken Epidemic

Excessive use of smartphones, laptops, tabs and iPads leads to a series of complications to the eyes. With no precaution taken, an alarmingly high increase in screen time and addiction to devices is causing severe complications to eyes and mental health.

Dry Eyes Syndrome

An increased use of laptops/smartphones leads to a series of symptoms like dry eyes, blurred vision, red eyes, itching and fatigue. This cluster of symptoms is known as dry eyes syndrome.

Mental Issues

With an increase in screen time and exposure of blue lights from laptops smartphones, the device users are facing mental issues like anxiety, headaches memory loss irritation and temper issues.

Professionals and Children

On an average professionals spend 8-10 hours on the laptop every day. Children eyes get affected as their eyes are very vulnerable to screen exposure. Due to online classes strain on children eyes has increased into a worrying situation. The most affected are professionals and children by increased screen time.

Future With Devices

Our future is largely dependent on devices either for work, education, social media or entertainment. We need to take adequate precautions as our screen time has significantly increased and most of us are addicted to gadgets largely however we just don't admit it.

How blue light is causing eye complications?

Blue Light has a very short wavelength, and so it produces a higher amount of energy. Studies suggest that increased exposure to the blue end of the light spectrum could cause serious long-term damages to your eyes like digital blindness, blurry eyes, red eyes, itching, fatigue and dry eyes (a very common symptom among device users).


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Our screen protectors work as a precaution as well as protection for your eyes and keep them cool and guarded while you are working.

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Privacy Screen Info

Best Laptop Privacy Guards
A privacy screen filter/protector is a polarized plastic filter that when used on a computer screen makes viewing impossible from any angles apart from a 60 Degrees view angle in front. Its main functionality is to protect data from wandering eyes and safeguard confidential information. Apart from the main advantage of privacy, the filters also add in a host of other features which help the user even when using prolonged screen time. Privacy Screen protectors are a great way to...
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Anti Blue Screen

What is Blue Light and How Does It Affect Our Eyes?
What is Blue Light The world is beating with electromagnetic energy. It goes around us, and, surprisingly, through us, in waves. The waves differ long, with the longest being: Radio waves Microwaves Infrared waves Ultraviolet (UV) waves Most electromagnetic waves are microscopic. However, a little band of waves, known as visible light, can be distinguished by the natural eye. Apparent light waves differ from 380 nanometers (violet light) to 700 nanometers (red light). Frequency of Blue Light The more extended...
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Digital Eyestrain

What is digital eye strain?
Digital Eye Strain is a group of eye and vision issues. The issues can incorporate eyes that tingle and tear, and are dry and red. Your eyes might feel drained or awkward. You will most likely be unable to concentrate regularly. These issues are brought about by bunches of PC or computerized gadget use. Utilizing tablets and cell phones may likewise create these issues. These issues have been expanding in recurrence throughout recent many years. Many individuals have a few...
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