34 Inch (21:9) Monitor Screen Guard | Anti-Blue | Anti-Glare


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BL’UV’LightBlock™ Technology For Blue Light Resistant | Anti – Glare | 99.86% UV Resistant


Compatible with  34 inch 21:9 Anti Blue Anti Glare monitor Screen Guard with dimensions 798mm X 344mm

Step into a new dimension of visual excellence with the expansive 34 Inch (21:9) Monitor Screen Guard . This monitor screen guard creates an immersive viewing experience that captivates and engages.

Eye Health Priority: Anti-Blue Technology

Prioritize your eye health with the advanced Anti-Blue technology embedded in this screen guard. Effortlessly filtering out harmful blue light emissions, it ensures a comfortable and eye-friendly usage experience. Say goodbye to eye strain and welcome a healthier, more enjoyable screen time.

Crystal Clear Visibility: Anti-Glare Feature

Banish unwanted reflections and glare with the Anti-Glare feature, allowing for crystal clear visibility in any environment. Seamlessly transition between work and leisure without the distraction of glare, promoting productivity and relaxation in equal measure.

Sleek Design Integration: Aesthetic Appeal

Designed with a sleek and unobtrusive appearance, this monitor screen guard seamlessly integrates with your display. The transition from clarity to protection is virtually invisible, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your monitor while delivering essential eye protection.

Effortless Installation: Instant Benefits

Experience the benefits of enhanced visual comfort without the hassle. The easy installation process ensures a quick setup, allowing you to immediately enjoy the advantages of reduced eye strain and improved clarity. Make the transition to a more comfortable and visually pleasing digital experience effortlessly.

Innovative Fusion: Where Excellence Meets Innovation

In conclusion, the 34 Inch (21:9) Anti-Blue | Anti-Glare | Monitor Screen Guard represents the fusion of excellence and innovation. Elevate your viewing pleasure, prioritize eye health, and seamlessly transition between tasks with this state-of-the-art screen guard – a pivotal addition to your digital workspace or entertainment hub.

Order your PXIN monitor Screen Guard today and elevate your entertainment setup.

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Product Features

Compatible Devices 34 Inch 21:9 monitor
Item Thickness0.3mm
Product Dimensions798mm*344mm
Special FeatureAnti-Blue Light, Anti-Glare, Scratch Resistant
Finish TypeMatte
Unit Count1.0 Count
Screen Size34 Inch 21:9