A Privacy Screen Protector is mainly designed for data protection from prying eyes. It ensures the visual access of a laptop screen data is available only to the user who is seated in front of it. This is a prime feature as many organizations insist on data protection and confidentiality of their information in this digital world where work is continued to be accessed and delivered on the go. Every organization has the best of laws for data protection however when accessed in public spaces/amongst prying eyes, data protection remains vulnerable.

One of the prime uses of a Privacy Screen Filter is to limit data visibility apart from the 30-45-degree span in front of the laptop/desktop screen. The user is able to see the screen when viewed within this 30-45-degree angle, however outside of this defined angle- the screen appears black!

Prolonged screen usage also results in various health risks and hazards which need to be looked in to. Red Eye, Constant Headaches leading to severe migraines, Irregular Sleep Cycles, screen glare, blue light/UV emissions etc. are some of the general problems when screen usage time is not moderated. In this digital world where the pandemic has forced one and all to adapt their ways of work/study online, these can be referred to as permanent threats to our health and vision system. Most of the above-mentioned cause temporary or permanent damage to our eyes over a period of time when left untreated.

Leading brands of Privacy Screen filters come up with a host of solutions to our questions above and hence serve as a mandatory tool we all should be equipped with for betterment of our health and vision. PxIn stands out amongst all in terms of best-in-class quality which provides multiple solutions to these problems. The brand boasts itself of customer testimonials where the users have reviewed the products over a period of time after usage.

Check out some of the common questions and review answers from PxIn users which makes them stand a class apart in the segment.

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