PxIn Privacy Screen Protectors come with the best in class 3M hasps for successful installation.

Also provided in the kit is a microfiber cloth, which gets user get rid of all fine dust before installation. Please remember usage of correct accessories as defined in the installation guide play an essential role for ensuring your screen protector gets the best fit on your laptop or desktop.

PxIn team ensures they cross check the model of your laptop before the dispatch so that the product glides perfectly on to your screen for the best fit and view. The team also follows up the dispatches diligently till your product is delivered and installed onto your device. The team shares an installation guide video and takes you through the same step by step in assisting you to do the best job!

Not only do they take utmost care for ensuring perfect fit, they also ensure the accessories provided are sufficient incase your initial attempt is not so successful! No wonder the brand has over 125+ 5 Star ratings on Amazon in terms of happy users and their happy experiences!

So ensure you keep the accessories handy and get that helpline number dialing for the best support incase you find the guide a bit overwhelming! They are happy to help you 😊.

Please visit the below link below for a complete product list and find your best screen fit!

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