Basis the finish of the screen protectors the PxIn Privacy Screen Protectors are dual sided and can be used on any side as per user compatibility. The two sides comprise of the Matte Finish/ Anti- Glare Finish and the Glossy Finish/Enhanced Privacy Finish.

  • Matte Finish/ Anti-Glare Finish– The Matte Screen Protector finish as the name implies, has a matte texture on the surface giving the user a different operating experience. The biggest advantage of Matte Finish is its anti-glare and hence reduces or nullifies glare from the laptop screens even when working/viewing in full brightness mode. Another major advantage of Matte Finish is that it can effectively resist fingerprints due to the texture and is very easy to clean. Have a microfiber cloth which is slightly damp and behold you screen will be as good as new devoid of all dust and other prints. Matte Finish works best when you do a lot of outdoor device viewing. Eventually you may feel the screen looking grainy however with constant use the filter appears as a smooth screen. Also matte finish tends to hide or minimize the effect of slight scratches. This side is also best suited for Gamers for their quick moves as the matte effect has minimum interference from finger prints. So gear up and play your game like a Pro!

Glossy and matte

  • Glossy Finish/Enhanced Privacy Finish – The other side of the screen protector is a Glossy Finish which is also referred to as the enhanced privacy finish side. As the name suggests , this side appears more glossy when compared to Matte and is best suited for indoor prolonged usage. If you value most accurate color and brightness while working/viewing , stick with the glossy finish side as it will most closely replicate what your screen looks like without a covering. Glossy Finish is usually referred to the have an enhanced privacy benefit as the viewer outside the visibility angle of 60 degrees- can see the screen as pitch black as if the screen was turned off! Having said that , although the view is more vivid, glossy finish to the user seated right in front, the glossy finish has a tendency to reflect things/illuminated objects behind you too and hence may end up causing a glare. Hence its more of a choice which side to use depending on the surrounding the brightness of the environment. Another disadvantage to a glossy finish is that it is prone to easy scratches and fingerprints due to its texture. While cleaning the glossy finish screen protector, one should be extra cautious that the microfiber cloth being used is free from all dust so as to have zero scratches caused sometimes during cleaning with a regular cloth.

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