1. Using PxIn Privacy Screen Protectors

A computer privacy screen is a polarized sheet placed on a screen to limit the viewing angle to approximately 30 degrees on either side. Basically, these micro louvers act like window blinds for your computer. It’s the same basic technology used on polarized eyeglasses to reduce glare and blue light  directly in your eyes. The filter can cut most of the harmful blue light and reduce eyestrain and headache.

A PxIn Screen Protector is made of 12 effective layers using the Micro Louvre Technology that ensures it is born to protect eyes and also secures your information from Visual hackers and prying eyes. The protectors also ensure a clear visibility and come in dual finish sides which are useful on both sides depending on the usage choice and convenience of the user.

PxIn is a leading player in the market which is into sales of Privacy Screen Protectors. The brand boasts of a host of unique features over their competition which help them define themselves as a No.1 Player in their segment. They have been rated as the Amazon Best Seller constantly in their segment and have over 600+ 5-star reviews from their consumers which highlight not only the customer quality but also the customer service.

2. Setting up blue light filter in you windows

Windows 10 accompanies an implicit component in your settings called Night Light. With Night Light you can set a clock that controls the lighting on your PC screen for a segment of time; for instance, sunset to sunrise.  What’s perfect about Night Light is the capacity to control how much your screen’s blue light abates.

Here is a bit by bit guide on the most proficient method to utilize the Windows 10 Night Light:

  1. Open up your start menu
  2. Select the gear icon to open up your settings menu
  3. Go to system settings (display, notifications, and power)
  4. Select display
  5. Turn the Night Light switch on

Go to Night Light setting


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