Yes, it may be harmful to your eyes. But, there are different ways to protect your eyes from blue light. Different ways to Protect Yourself against Blue Light Eye Damage:

01.  Try a Screen Protector

A simple method for aiding limit openness to digital blue light is by applying a unique Screen Protector to the front of the laptop/computer. Screen Protectors are modest and assimilate a significant part of the blue light discharged from digital devices, diminishing openness.

02. Rest Your Eyes

The most straightforward method for forestalling overexposure to digital blue light is by dealing with the time spent utilizing them. Make certain to enjoy normal reprieves from the screen.

One simple technique is to utilize the 20-20-20 rule. Like clockwork, enjoy some time off from your PC to take a gander at something 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. This strategy can assist you with keeping away from eye strain, and fills in as an ordinary suggestion to be aware of blue light openness.

03. With Anti-reflective Lenses

Search for PC glasses that brag anti-reflective focal lenses in addition to the color. The covering manages the cost of an additional layer of comfort and insurance by safeguarding against blue light reflections on the two sides of the focal point.

Anti-glare glasses accompany an anti-reflective (AR) covering, which is a fine layer on the outer layer of the glasses and works on your vision, which thus, decreases how much glare that bounces off your eye focal point.

Glare is answerable for specific eye-related issues, for example, low perceivability in unfortunate lighting, which can be hazardous assuming you are driving around evening time. Aside from that you may likewise encounter seeing radiances around splendid lights and even cause cerebral pains assuming your eyes are presented to an excessive amount of glare for a lengthy time frame, for instance, while working before the laptop.

An anti-glare covering, at times otherwise called anti-reflective covering, empowers practically 100 percent of the light to contact your eyes, which helps cut down the majority of the glare. The point of these glasses is to dispose of the overabundant splendor and its effect on your eyes.

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