A Privacy Screen Protector/filter has several advantages which make it a necessary choice for prolonged screen users. Not only do they keep our data secure from prying eyes but also add additional features to the product which make it a choice of many an organization for their employees who are constantly working on the go. Below listed are some generic benefits which make a privacy screen protector a product of choice.

Advantages of the PxIn Privacy Screens Filters:

  • Data Privacy- The most important feature of the PxIn privacy screen filter is data protection from prying eyes. The filter regulates visibility to an angle of 60 degrees only when seated in front of the screen directly. Anybody viewing from beyond this 60-Degree visibility angle can see the screen as a black screen. Hence no more Visual hacking and goodbye to the peeping Toms.
  • Easier to clean: – The PxIn filters are easy to handle and clean when required. The film technology used helps in preventing finger prints and also minor smudges. Using a slightly damp microfiber cloth to clean the screen can do the trick and keep your screen looking bright and new and helps get rid of any dust or fingerprints. Harsh cleaning agents/solutions are a strict no-no for the screen filters.
  • More vibrant colors: -Another great benefit of PxIn privacy screen filter is its ani-glare property which helps in bringing out the vibrancy of deep colors. This is great for those who intend to use screen time for unregulated hours and also enjoy work/movies on the go.
  • Excellent Choice- Whether you choose Work or Play! – PxIn Privacy Screen filters serve as an excellent choice whether you choose work or play! Working/Studying for long hours or watching your favorite movie can now be refreshing as the privacy screen filters cut the glare and give your eyes the much-needed soothing effect and help minimize or reduce your regular headaches or dryness of eyes caused by prolonged screen time. The Privacy Screen filters are block the harmful uv/blue light rays if any from screens and hence protecting your eyes in the long run.
  • No Pixilation- No Color Distortion- PxIn Privacy Screen Filters provides a clear visibility and minimizes pixilation. The filters also help in avoiding color distortion. There are also other added advantages depending on the brand you choose from the available options in the market. Each brand boasts of its unique features and Over a variety of options available in Amazon; PxIn stands out not only in terms of product features and also customer satisfaction. The seller has over a 100+ 5 star ratings which compel to choose them for total value for money.
  • More Value for Money over Anti Glare glasses- PxIn Privacy Screen filters can serve as a one time cost and hence offer a more value for more money when compared to anti-glare glasses. Unlike glasses, where every user should use a unique size suitable to their face, the privacy screen filter is unique to screen size and hence any user accessing the screen can benefit from its advantages. And unlike glasses, the Screen filters are more reliable and durable.
  • Child Friendly- PxIn Privacy Screen Protector not only protects data but also protects the sensitive eyes of children over prolonged screen usage. In today’s digital world where the pandemic has forced the children to adapt to online classes, the Privacy Screen filters serve as an excellent choice. Since these are directly fixed to the screens, they remain more reliable for child usage unlike the anti-glare glasses where the children might resist/tamper with the same.
  • Dual Usage Benefit- The PxIn Screen Protectors or Filters come with a dual usage advantage or benefit. The screen protectors have a Matte Finish/Anti-Glare finish on one side and Glossy Finish/ Enhanced Privacy Finish on the other side. Depending on you choice the screen side can be easily adapted to.
  • Best In Class Accessories- The PxIn privacy filters are equipped with the best-in-class 3M branded accessories and hasps which help fix the Screen protector to the laptop/desktop screen. These accessories when used correctly can help re-use the PxIn Screen Protectors as per our choice in easily slide-on slide-off method. The seller also provides the installation video through a QR code which helps installation an easy task.
  • No MOIRE EFFECT- Moire effect is a visual perception that occurs when viewing a set of lines or dots that are superimposed on another set of lines or dots where the sets usually differ in sizes/angle or spacing. Usually the moire effect can be observed when the Privacy Screen Filters are not using the best in class technology and hence serve as an additional plastic film on the regular screen. PxIn filters guarantee nil moire effect and hence ensures best vision quality through the protector.
  • Best Eye Protector PxIn serves as the best in segment in terms of eye protection. True to the name, PxIn filters ensure user eyes are protected from harmful glare, UV light/ blue light 380nm – 495 nm (in case of desktops).
  • Ultra-thin and Highly Durable- The PxIn filters are mad through Micro Louvre Technology and hence has 12 effective layers of protection which enhance the product durability. Having said that, the 12- layers are made into a highly ultra-thin screen filter and hence causes zero impact on screen clarity. The screen clarity remains as good as new and hence gives a perfectly clear visibility to the user.

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