Visual hacking refers to a low-tech method of capturing sensitive /confidential or private information for unauthorized use. It generally can occur at any public or private space when the user is not aware of prying eyes. Physically spying on laptops or desktops in offices, public spaces or private spaces leads to Visual Hacking. The information captured in such a manner can be used in a illegal manner to benefit from an individual or an organization against their best of interests! In this age of digitalization, sensitive information is always at risk to prying eyes and is easily accessible if one not completely aware of their surroundings!

Visual Hacking is a low-tech threat compared to malware, ransomware or other high-tech threats, however, the repercussions can be just as detrimental. The vast majority of visual hackings are successful as they happen around familiar environments. As per a survey, 91% of Visual hacking attempts are successful ; 52% of sensitive information was visually hacked from employee screens; 27% of visually hacked data was considered sensitive information; 50% of visually hacked data was hacked within 15 minutes; 68% of office personnel did not question or report the visual hacker despite being witness to unusual or suspicious behavior.

In this modern world where information is privy, organizations have to be double careful for their data protection. Thanks to the pandemic, work from remote locations is the new norm and hence organizations are relying heavily on the user to adapt to stringent data protection policies along with being aware and cautious of their surroundings while on the go.

More and more organizations are now stressing on the usage of Data Privacy Screen Protectors/ Filters for their laptops when in use to reduce/minimize visual hacking attempts. Along with data protection, the Privacy Screen Protectors or Filters are having a host of other benefits too which help as a blessing in disguise for employees over prolonged usage of their screens for work.

Data Privacy Protectors/ Filters help in not only shielding the information from prying eyes around but also help reduce eye strain and other damages excessive screen usage bring to us. The Privacy Screen Protectors are designed for the viewing angle of 60-degree in front of the laptop. Any user beyond the visibility angle notice the screen as appearing black. The multiple layers of the filter composition help in blocking harmful UV/blue light radiation, minimizing glare from screens which stand out as major advantages among other benefits!

There are many kinds of privacy screens available for outright purchase in the markets that promise data protection and enhanced visibility without causing any hazardous impact on our vision! However the brand that stands out amongst the rest is PxIn in terms of product quality, features, advantages and also benefits. While most of the brands claim to have it all in them, PxIn has a testimony of over 800+ reviewers who have rated it as their best choice!

The main objective of the PxIn is to provide the user with the best in quality privacy screen protector at reasonable prices without hampering the product the quality and performance. PxIn Privacy Screen Protectors are superior in built and quality and do an outstanding job in adhering to all its product features to the best. Not only do they keep your data safe from prying eyes but also help you by protecting your eyes against harmful rays and prolonged screen usage side effects!

PxIn Privacy Screen Protectors are best in class anti-glare, Anti-Blue which can cut most of the harmful blue light which in turn reduce eyestrain, dry eyes, frequent headaches by constant screen usage and red eyes caused due to constant eye irritation. They also help reduce the overall impact on your eyes in terms of eye strain and damage that leads to better sleep despite prolonged screen use. The Anti- Blue light blocking between 380nm- 495nm for a wide range of HEV protection. The PxIn privacy screen help’s in zero eye strain by providing best-in-class privacy solutions.  And there is no worrying about eye. So get that bowl of popcorn and rewind with a movie on your screen once the work is over!

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